…and a little bit about me

Welcome!  My name is Frank Eagle, and this site is my unabashed love letter to the game of baseball.  I do not focus on MLB news or sabermetric insight; this is just a place to come to when you crave a little light reading to tickle the soul.  My writing here is often subjective, but my experiences are similar to those of millions of fellow diamond devotees.

The honeymoon stage of any fan’s relationship with the game is from the ages of about 8-13.  For me that was the mid-1990’s, when I was growing up in eastern Pennsylvania.  I was probably among the last generation of American boys who collected and traded baseball cards with friends, who cut articles out of the morning newspaper and hung them on our bedroom walls.  Some of my heroes from those years have been subsequently disgraced; others have been all but forgotten.  My hope here is to resurrect those mythic figures, and that lost world, as I saw them through innocent, idolatrous eyes.

Now, as I stagger through my 20’s, I have found that baseball can inspire powerful feelings of spirituality in much the same way that religion can.  There is an elaborate framework of stories, lore, and myth, to help make sense of (or at least distract us from) our otherwise lackluster lives.  There are lessons and values, to make us better people.  There is a shared sense of community that transcends cultures and generations.  For me, baseball is one of very few constants in a world in flux.  So while I occasionally make facetious use of religious terms or imagery on this site, I chose its name with the same genuine, albeit light-hearted, sincerity of Bull Durham.  I believe in the church of baseball.


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